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It's up! :D

2008-06-15 22:37:15 by CaptainBighead

And now Along Came Jones is up! I'm rather pleased with it, I know it could be better but I'm pleased. This'll probably be my last submission for a month or two, because I'm goin on a trip this summer and won't have access to flash.

Enjoy it here:

So I lied

2008-06-11 23:21:05 by CaptainBighead

I kinda said there woulkd be a new production two days ago... I lied. I will try to have it up by the end of the day Friday (If not then I'm kinda screwed anyways.)

Along Came Jones Update

2008-06-03 23:50:02 by CaptainBighead

Sorry it's been takin so long. But I promise that there will be a new Captain Bighead production on monday, or sooner.

Along Came Jones!

2008-05-09 19:08:28 by CaptainBighead

So for those of you who thought my Witch Doctor was good, I gots me a new production coming up! Two actually! I'm animating videos for two other songs currently. Both are Ray Stevens songs and both are gonna be much better then my Witch Doctor video. I'm excited :D

As well I plan on making some fixups to the Witch Doctor video, IE: Fixing the Scene selection buttons, puttin more in the credits, adding subtitles, and making it less boring overall to watch.

So yeah, more Captain Bighead productions in the works :D